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Who am I? (About dee3)

I'm an U.S.ex-pat, who had his debut spinning behind the wheels of steel at the age of 14, during the tailgate of the disco-era in 1979; later on, I continued spinning on the mobile-scene and on-and-off in the club-scene in Jutland until 1986-87, when I then started doing radio-work and evolving to spinning full-time as a club-DJ, until early 1991.

Later on, after gaining a Masters-degree in Information Science from the University of Aarhus in early '99, I started in the early-noughties to try out - and later on work with - a whole plethora of various computer-based DJ platforms that were then appearing on the market.

While trying out these various computer-based DJ platforms (and attepting to level out their respective learning-curves), I started compiling and mixing a mix-series called "Compiling a Network" and later on another parallel-running mix-series called: "dee3 | datamixes"; these two - later merged - mix-series' 24 sets have now - combined - seen way over 2.5 million downloads, from listeners spread out over more than 190 countries across the globe.

Furthermore, I've had mix-sets featured on several websites and blogs and/or aired as guest-sets on various netradio-stations such as: The "No Watches, No Maps"-show (KSS Records netradio), Dimitri Pike's Teknology-show (, ( Radio X, Reykjavík - Iceland), The HumanJava website, the Thinner-label website, the website, the 6ONE6-label website, website, Ahatec,, The "Against Silence"-netradio, The "2B Continued"-netradio, Chunk-FM (fnoob techno radio), Dark Frequency podcast, - just to name some of them - and with list which is still slowly - but gradually - growing.

The majority of my sets can now be heard as streams on Mixcloud - as for this website, too.